PABSA Kicks Off WPBSA Q Tour Americas 2024/25 – Igor Figueiredo Triumphs

PABSA Kicks Off WPBSA Q Tour Americas 2024/25 – Igor Figueiredo Triumphs

PABSA Kicks Off WPBSA Q Tour Americas 2024/25 with First Leg at Brazil – Igor Figueiredo Triumphs

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 10, 2024 – Igor Figueiredo emerged victorious at the inaugural event of the 2024/25 WPBSA Q Tour Americas series, held at the Rio de Janeiro Snooker Academy from March 7 to 10. Figueiredo, a former World Snooker Tour professional, showcased his exceptional talent throughout the tournament, defeating a strong field of 37 Brazilian cueists to claim the title.

Figueiredo’s path to victory was marked by a series of impressive performances. In the quarter-finals, he dispatched Cleiton Elder Arouca Junqueira with a decisive 3-0 victory. He then continued his dominance in the semi-finals, defeating Fabio Anderson Luersen by a commanding 4-0 margin.

The final saw Figueiredo face off against Noel Rodrigues Moreira, a fellow former World Snooker Tour player. Despite a spirited effort from Moreira, Figueiredo asserted his control, securing the title with a convincing 5-1 triumph.

“I’m thrilled to have won the first event of the Q Tour Americas series,” expressed Figueiredo. “The competition was fierce, and I’m proud to have emerged victorious. I’m looking forward to continuing my strong performance throughout the rest of the season.”

Figueiredo’s victory marks a promising start to his 2024/25 campaign, as he aims to regain his place on the World Snooker Tour. His impressive display at the Rio de Janeiro event has undoubtedly put him among the frontrunners for the upcoming Q Tour Americas tournaments.

Q Tour Americas 2024/25 Leg 1 Results


  • Igor Figueiredo 5-1 Noel Rodrigues Moreira


  • Noel Rodrigues Moreira 4-0 Gabriel Callas Andrade
  • Fabio Anderson Luersen 1-4 Igor Figueiredo


  • Claudio Menechini 2-3 Noel Rodrigues Moreira
  • Jair de Oliveira 0-3 Gabriel Callas Andrade
  • Alessandro Roberto Veiga Maciel 0-3 Fabio Anderson Luersen
  • Cleiton Elder Arouca Junqueira 0-3 Igor Figueiredo

Last 16:

  • Fabio Anderson Luersen 3-0 Marcelo Mota da Silva
  • Noel Rodrigues Moreira 3-0 Jovani Silveira Alves
  • Cleiton Elder Arouca Junqueira 3-2 Ricardo de Souza E Silva
  • Itaro Santos 1-3 Gabriel Callas Andrade
  • Igor Figueiredo 3-0 Eduardo Vieria
  • Claudio Menechini 3-1 Ademir Da Silva
  • Alessandro Roberto Veiga Maciel 3-2 Januario Silverio de Souza
  • Jair de Oliveira 3-0 Joao Gabriel Zarur

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