Update to PanAm 2024 – Prize Money Announcement

Update to PanAm 2024 – Prize Money Announcement

PABSA announces the following update to this year’s PanAm (Pan American Snooker Championships 2024) which is being held at Saint-Lambert (Montreal), Canada. 

Prize Money being allocated for PanAm 2024 is as follows (this is the minimum guaranteed payout and can increase based on various factors in play on which PABSA is actively working on):

PanAm Seniors Championships (minimum guarantee):
– Winner: US$3,000 *
– Runner-up: US$1,500
– Semi-finalist: US$500 each

PanAm Open Championships (minimum guarantee):
– Winner: US$5,000 *
– Runner-up: US$2,000
– Semi-finalist: US$750 each

* 50% of the winners prize money respectively will be withheld until the Seniors winner plays in the World Seniors Championships 2025 at the Crucible, and the Open winner turns professional for the season starting 2025 and plays their first professional tournament.

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