Ajeya Prabhakar

Ajeya Prabhakar is an engineer based in San Jose, California, who is passionate about the development of billiards and snooker across the Pan American region. He also serves as the president of the US snooker organization for a number of years. He is also a past US snooker champion and has been a member of the US delegate to world amateur tournaments. He currently also serves on the board of the IBSF.



Felipe Martins Silvares Costa

Felipe is a Brazilian lawyer, who is the International Relations Director of CBBS (Brazilian Billiards and Snooker Federation) since 2014, a member of the CBBS Superior Court of Justice. He is responsible for Brazilian delegation on the IBSF and WSF World Championships.

John White


John White

John is a director of the CBSA, the Canadian billiards and snooker association, and is a past Canadian Snooker Championships winner. He is passionate about the development of the sport and runs a large snooker club in Toronto Canada.

Cliff Thorburn


Cliff Thorburn

From Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, Cliff Thorburn brings an unrivaled level of experience and knowledge to the PABSA team. As the 1980 World Champion and the 1983, 1985 and 1986 Masters Champion, Cliff has won a total of two ranking events and eighteen invitational events. Having played on the professional snooker tour from 1973 until 1996, Thorburn is also well known for one of snookers most famous moments when he made the first 147 break at The Crucible Theatre in the 1983 World Championships playing in the second round. In doing so he became the first player in World Championship history to make a 147 break since the championship began in 1927. It was another nine years before another was made at The Crucible Theatre. As Director of Coaching and PABSA Ambassador, Thorburn hopes to help the growth and development of players from all areas of the PABSA region to find the stars of the future and budding cue sport enthusiasts.



Junior Umaña Alvarado

Junior Umaña Alvarado is Costarican. He is a famous pool leader in Latin America. He is an English-Spanish Interpreter, writer and coach of famous people. He is the President of Snooker in Costa Rica and has a unique world wide decree to teach pool and snooker in high schools. He also have the support from FISU to include snooker in university games of the region! Junior has a TV Show known as, Snooker, Famosos y Más.

Kevin Patrick


Kevin Patrick

Kevin is the head referee for Canada and has over thirty years of refereeing experience to his name. Having been upgraded to an examiner in 1994, Kevin has refereed in many top level events including 7 Canadian Championships and Jimmy White vs Stephen Hendry at The Corner Bank in The World Seniors. Kevin has trained and certified many referees in Canada and is dedicated to growing and training referees in the PABSA region going forward to allow future referees to reach their full potential.

Mike Collier


Michael (Mike) Collier

Mike is a flight attendant based in Sacramento, California. Originally from the U.K Mike started playing snooker in 1998 and has had a passion for the game ever since. Mike has played in many EASB tournaments in England and is keen to help with the growth of snooker and billiards across the Pan American region.

David Burney


David Burney

David Burney was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, but now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. David was first introduced to the game of snooker when he was a young boy and watching Stephen Hendry pot everything in sight. However, he got more delight impersonating the commentators to his friends on the schoolyard. Unfortunately Snooker went off the TV screens in Canada, and it wasn’t until 2013 at an artistic talk with Brian Eno, that game of snooker came back into David’s world. David is a freelance artist, working in many disciplines ranging from photography, painting, sculpture, woodworking, film and television. It all starts with an idea, and when the love for project hits David, he is quickly off to work on it. He enjoys commentating, as it is a great tool to let the viewers know some insight and information on the players, so they can find things they like about them and cheer for them when they are at the table. In addition, David feels that great commentary can add wonderful entertainment value to the viewer watching a match. As being an artist, David appreciates the game, as a great high running break or a beautifully laid snooker and can be seen as a work of art, with the cue ball being the player’s brush and the table their canvas.

Amit Seth


Amit Seth

Amit is a silicon valley executive with a passion for playing and uplifting the sport of snooker.



Bio to follow


Bio to follow