2021 Pan American Snooker Championships

Entry is now open for players wishing to participate in the 2021 Pan American Snooker Championships, hosted by The Corner Bank in Toronto, Canada from November 13th – 20th, after the publication of the Championship Entry Document by The Pan American Billiards and Snooker Association.

Interested eligible participants may now download the Championship Entry Document by clicking the following link:

The Entry Document contains all of the Championship rules which a player must agree to abide by should you wish to enter the Championship, so PABSA advises interested participants to read the entire document carefully before submitting your entry. Your entry into the Championship will be your acceptance to abide and conform to the Championship Rules & Conditions of Entry.

From this year, PABSA is introducing its own PABSA Cloud Snooker System where you will be required to register as a PABSA Member Player. Once you have submitted your entry, you will be invited to register your member details and also be securely billed your Championship Entry Fee and PABSA Membership Fee.

The entry fee for the Championship is $125 for the Seniors Event and $150 for the Main Event, and the PABSA annual membership fee of $25 will also be billed.

If interested participants have any further questions, please feel free to contact PABSA at media@pabsa.org

Tournament details

Venue – The Corner Bank, Toronto, Canada
Seniors Event 13th – 15th November

Main Event 16th – 20th November

Covid-19 Pandemic

All players wishing to enter the Pan American Snooker Championships (both Seniors and Main Event) must be fully Covid-19 vaccinated. This also applies to officials, spectators, family members and sponsors attending the event. Everyone must also follow and abide by local, regional and national pandemic guidelines for The Corner Bank, Toronto and Canada. Players will be removed from the tournaments with no refund of entry fee if these guidelines are not followed.

Travel and Eligibility into Canada

All players who wish to enter will have to be eligible to enter Canada in relation to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Please use the link below for details regarding travel restrictions for Canada.

Hotel and Accommodation

Details of the local hotel accommodation can be found in the Championship Entry Document.


To enter into the 2021 Pan American Snooker Championships all players must send an email to ajeyap@pabsa.org and state which tournaments they wish to enter. No other method of entry will be accepted.

After a player has entered they will have to register as a PABSA member on PABSA’s new Snooker Cloud System. All players wishing to enter the 2021 Pan American Snooker Championships Senior and/or Main Event MUST do this. To register please use the link below.