Anita Chan

Anita Chan

Anita Chan was born in London, Ontario in Canada. She is a happy, busy woman continuously on a live, laugh love journey through life. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is something she is good at. Anita used to watch by the sidelines until she played her first snooker game approximately 10 years ago. She wanted to give it a try and started to play because it looked really hard but really fun at the same time.

Anita doesn’t play too much nor practice much, however, she loves the game every time she plays. Snooker helps her with her focus, her endurance, her accuracy, her patience and most importantly her sportsmanship. Focus and patience is her weakness in life but says the power of positive energy is incredible. It’s something she has used to overcome her life challenges which makes this game mean so much more. This game of snooker requires all of the necessary skills in life to win and now she is with her amazing partner that is following his dreams.

Her partner Levi Meiller and all the snooker players that has crossed her path have helped her improve her game a great deal. She is blessed to have received much life mentoring from many family, friends, acquaintances and especially her daughter, Taylor.

Her biggest achievements are her success every time she plays! For the love of the game! Just like in real life, there will always will be goals and learning experiences, and hopefully to keep learning lessons and smile at the end of each game and at the end of each day. Anita competed in the 2019 Pan American Championships Main Event and Seniors in Houston, Texas where she played current PABSA professional player, Igor Figueiredo from Brazil. Her highest break is 48.

For her future in the game going forward Anita would like to continuously improve and help inspire more players to play snooker including more woman! Anita will also be supporting her partner Levi in his snooker journey. Her motto is to live, laugh, love! For the love of the game!

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