Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown currently lives in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, but is originally from Campbellford in Ontario. He has two children, Chas and Jack, and has been working with cryptocurrency for the past five years. Charlie used to be an amateur boxer, a sport in which he won many titles including Provincials, Kids Gloves, Diamond Gloves, and Golden Gloves. Charlie actually fought on the same card as British boxer Lennox Lewis. Boxing was going to be his career, but after taking a year off the strict regime, Charlie discovered snooker and never looked back.

Charlie first played snooker in in his local pool room where Jim Jones was his inspiration. He moved to Oshawa in 1988 to play snooker, and in 1989 his dedication to the game paid off when he won the Canadian Under 21 Championships. In 1997 Charlie reached the final of the Canadian Championships, another great achievement, though he lost that match to former professional player Kirk Stevens.

In other achievements, Charlie won the British Columbia Snooker Championships in 2018, played in the 1997 World Amateur Championships in Africa, and played in the 1989 World Under-21 Championships with the likes of the Ken Dorothy, Peter Ebdon, Jason Ferguson and Peter Lines. Along with Kirk Stevens and Ken Dorothy, Charlie has had the chance to play against the likes of Cliff Thorburn, Mika Immonen and Johnny Archer over the years, and he is also proud to call Cliff Thorburn and Kirk Stevens close friends of his. Charlie has a high break of 141.

In his time as a snooker player, Charlie has been lucky enough to travel to Iceland, China, Japan and Africa. He is looking forward to competing on the Seniors over 40 tour going forward.

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